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Well boys and girls it’s been real. I wanna thank US East for picking me up and giving me a shot as well as pazza for getting banned and giving me this opportunity in the first place. Congrats to CEU for getting the dub. Unfortunately I am re-entering retirement until next wcop so I will see you all then.

Also since when are kyubits real I thought that was some elaborate shitpost
best s/o post for the best team

s/o central europe

Iron Crusher you were an amazing Player and Manager. you were kinda silent in comparison with others but that didnt matter. it was a great experience with you and i hope to Play against and with you in the future.

ggopw you were the best Manager i could have imagined. you were Always on everytime, you have good Knowledge in every Tier. thx for your trust. And sorry one last time for my series against Magma

TheShadowClaw you were just amazing. going 5-0, helping alot and being nice. you helped everybody and we Always had somebody to bank on

UnleashOurPassion you left. and before you played good and you took your opponents seriously. that isnt common for you

187 Fan you played well got haxed twice. (and you suck xd) yeah idk Kinda lame to shoutout his Twin

pasy_g you were simply amazing. played very very well and it was very fun to talk to you. unfort got banned for speculating

SolarflareRo idk you were active almost all the time played very very well, and it was very funny to Team up with you! hopefully again in the future

Wanonymous1616 you sadly went 0-3 in pools but clutched both Playoff series'. thx for your help in dpp and hoping to Play with you again

DezShizzels second vanned brother for speculating… you were kinda salty in the beginning but it would have been fun to work with but you unfortionally got banned

Djokra you also were very very salty in the beginning but you were very motivated for your series and lost to the best oras player

neomon you only played one series bit that one was defo worth watching. also thx to you for help in dpp

Blazikin you werent that talkactive but when you talked to us it was fun and i enjoyed playing with you

Sificon you were very very silent. understandable with all of us autistic fucks

i am kinda sad with my Performance because of my dumb Magma series but going 1-1 in my first dpp tour games is ok i guess
ThatCabbageGuy thx for your help! it helped very much against boat and Magma and yes i know i am a Clown xd

DEG big papa deg

CrashinBoomBang awesome support you sadly didnt Play bit you also helped a lot in dpp and hope to see you in pl

if i missed anybody im sorry but i dont wanna write anymore xd


Banned deucer.
Re: pqs

In this game of MaceMaster's series vs UnleashOurPassion, pqs (on his Showdown account sHE'S brOKen) stated for to bring vig on both sides while a Vigoroth was present. Despite no clarification in the room chat after the fact, that doesn't excuse the uttering of the words. Even meme ghosting is still ghosting, if the ghosting involved is actually impactful to the game at hand.

Upon digging around through smogon to see what quantifies the differing levels of ghosting and what their corresponding levels of punishment should be, I have found that there is little distinction between outright suggesting a play vs pointing out which play not to make, and as such, pqs shall be removed from the World Cup of 1v1 and tournament banned* from participation in further 1v1 forum tournaments for 3 months.

ayedan and Alakazam will need to pick out a new player from the player signups to replace pqs, as well as sub someone in his place for the USUM 1v1 slot ASAP.

*Regarding the now rigid definition of tournament bans from the 1v1 forum, tournament banned users will no longer be permitted to participate in any 1v1 forum tournament, official and otherwise. Signups for 1v1 tours from 1v1 tournament banned users are to be ignored by hosts. I understand that I initially did not uphold this before having laid out what being 1v1 tourbanned even means; I made up the punishment on the spot without understanding the full mechanics of how tournament bans work, for which I apologize, but now I shall uphold what a real tournament ban would be like to the best of my ability, including the addition of any other tourban mechanics that I may not have been aware of, even now.

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Girl moding so hard rn
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Second again? Rip

Shoutout Post time!

ayedan Lmao when you asked me to be co captain I honestly didn't expect to do anything outside of making sure our draft and lineup was the best it could be for pools. We both knew I wouldn't be able to basically do anything else, so you being there to make sure people kept on top of their games was invaluable. We wouldn't have made it out of pools or semis without your help, so thank you. Also damn vro you need to drink less :bloblul:

Jamez155 ey good shit this tour. Going positive, nice nice, and especially in bo7, is super cool my dude. I know you wanted to better than you did last time in Bo7, and I think you did. Not much more to say, see you on ladder sometime. ALSO lmk when you get a tig bitty goth gf, the dating strategy will work 100% of the time I promise, its about time you start to win in real life as well as 1v1 xd

pqs man I'm glad your strategy of /pick worked out in tour Rofl memes will never die, and you proved it with your killer record this tour. but stop making dumbass posts on smogon, dumbass messages on in the 1v1 tours server, dumbass screaming in the tours vc s m h. But otherwise you won your games, more than i can say rip

blondesasukeuchiha man washed players amiright. Nah but I'm glad you did well even when everyone else in the world had little confidence in you. But real recognize real, talent in 1v1 doesn't just disappear even after breaks,

Yami Lmao you fucking killed it dude. We easily had the strongest DPP in WC, and I knew I could count on you to take Ws when we needed it. Sorry about all of the bullshit you've been getting from ze haters tho, but I suppose thats part and parcel with being in US East. But, back on topic, it is seriously impressive to be able to take in all the hate and pressure and still win games. Be proud of yourself. And fuck the haters.

power Man working with you in tours is great. You know how to build, how to strategize, how to keep a cool head and motivate people, which was invaluable for US East, where I wasn't always around to keep the peace. Like a few other people here, you also did excellent work in dating strategy, making sure we not only made optimal teams n stuff but also making sure James gets a girlfriend. I will destroy you in Uno next time i see you.

Betathunder US Washed strikes again. Man i am sorry I didn't choose to draft you right off the back, was just worried your schedule would be too tied up to be able to do well in WC. But I will never doubt again, you clean up in tour. Hope to see you again next year, if I get the opportunity.

JediR again, another coolheaded person for US East. Sorry I never got to send you out on the field of battle, but in the dating strategy room you provided a ton of awesome help, cannot be understated how clutch US East is when we put our minds together.

I'm actually Cash yo you wanna colab sometime? xd Nah but like JediR you were great with assists and information building, and like JediR I'm sorry we never got to put you in to the tour. But hey, at least you got VR, right? :mehowth:

lost heros hey dude, I hope the tour was still pretty fun for you. Pools can be rough sometimes, I should know, but that doesn't always reflect on skill in the meta. Good luck with the irl stuff going on and qcing mwahaha

TGC United Isn't this like the second or 3rd tour with a 100% win rate? xd well Good job the one time, you're thehehehero gotham deserves.

additional shoutout to Freddy Kyogre for helping us out in finals with teambuilding.

Overall, US East did fantastically. Top of pools for a second year in a row and in finals for a second year in a row is nothing to snuff at, and even in finals we definitely put up a fight, even if some people on CEU would like to feel otherwise, winning 3 out of the 8 and having 2 series go to the very last game. I am proud of what our region was able to do and maintain our pretty good record. Next year we'll crush everyone.

Anyway, I'm mainly just happy we got into Finals for a 2nd year in a row, and without any kind of ghosting for US East.

But imagine being US East lmao

edit: fuck I forgot one. Shoutouts to dom for passing teams to Betathunder, the Cobalion and Dugtrio teams came in clutch.
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If there's one thing that makes me mad, besides seeing one person hax another, it is when my 1v1 skills are dismissed as sub-standard or unworthy of consideration. I'm a smart guy, exceptionally strong with lure building and team prepping. I appreciate somebody taking time to explain how the sub system works, but for people to keep me benched as they did when I explained how that would be unfair to someone of my caliber, that's just cruel. It doesn't help that the person who took my USUM spot has a name that stands for "Please Quit Showdown."
Is it because I have ADHD and social skill deficits that I am trying to overcome to seemingly no avail that sometimes makes me use unranked mons in tours? Or that I have a Math Processing Disorder that impedes my ability to use moves when processing information given to me in pokemon form? Until this tour, there was only one person who thought I was that bad at anything I did. I mentioned pqs because learning what his name stood for came off as "User: Scram_U_Dont_Belong_Here is apparently FUCKING BETTER THAN ME AT 1v1." Great coaching.
Lately it has seemed that most of my obvious talent gets blown off. It hurts especially when rejecters beat me down for fun or for otherwise unexplained reasons (Looking at you, ayedan ). And consequently I am down-voted when I follow the advice they give after I request how I could improve at this game I am already great at.

bad copypastas aside, s-o to everyone on east for proving the haters wrong and getting second
ayedan you were a great coach, goat in sm and just all around cool dude
TDA bro stop being so good and also let pqs coach next year
James stop playing mobile fortnite you fucking loser
BSU ur washed tbh going 3-0 in pools was a fluke and u suk xDd
pqs still the goat, memed your way to the top of a tough pool
betathunder feel free to come back and kick ass for my teams anytime you want
power is the true sexy babe girl
magma don't let people bring you down, especially because you're better than all of them
lost heros could not be found
cash you're the unsung hero of east, built for everyone
jedir is a bad user and shall not be mentioned
thanks to osra for ghosting with us


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Shoutouts a day late cuz of college homework

ayedan Alakazam Thank you for picking me up and starting me in DPP. You guys were amazing and we had a strong team all together. Thanks for both of you guys helping me in DPP 1v1 even when I did not use everything we built LOL.

pazza You are wild dude. Got banned and then did that shit with pretending to be Betathunder was hella funny dude. See you in tours in 1v1 again after a year and a half.

pqs The SM powerhouse. I knew you were one of our best SM, but your wacky sets are hella cool. I learned a lot about building in SM outside the box from you.

power BW god. Sorry it came down to you to get the tie, but you were an absolute beast this tour.

JediR Our best cheerleader. Help me keep my confidence up with all the bullying going on and I really thank you bro. Hope to see you come back to 1v1 soon when changes get done.

I'm actually Cash You helped us as much as you could and kept us going, thank you for that.

TGC United You are really cool bro

blondesasukeuchiha washed player that burned up the pool Glad to see that you back in action!

Betathunder Our ORAS god that helped us in our time of need, hope to see you again

lost heros You are a cool guy, unfort that your record does not refelect how good you are, hope to see you in next PL.

Jamez155 SM GOAT!

US East was really fun this year and cannot wait to see us finally(hopefully) win next year. We all tried our hardest and were the second best team in the tour! Hope some of us gets to team up during 1v1pl or 1v1wc next year.

Comments about 1v1wc, my actions, and hope for 1v1 moving forward
Alright, I know my retaliation post towards bullying was the wrong way to go about it, but I am glad to see changes are happening within 1v1 to become a better community and slowly seeing the toxicity go away. I am a bit sorry if I offended anyone in that post because I know some of ceu does not hate me so I am sorry to those few people. I still hope in the future we can stop all the stupid shitposting and change how other communities view 1v1. While I did do good this WC unlike last WC of going 0-3 and ultimately giving up my starting spot last year after losing one round in pools due to some irl complications, I am glad to show people when I have my head on right, that I can become a near unstoppable force of whatever meta I am playing. I am hoping to see 1v1 grow into a bigger and non-toxic community, as well as seeing old gens 1v1 espically DPP keep growing with each classic / PL / WC. Expect a DPP 1v1 team dump in the next few days.
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